Baseball offers children an opportunity to be involved in a sport that promotes respect and team work. The game also provides many unique prospects other sports can’t provide at such a young age.

Baseball NSW has various leagues, teams and competitions based on different age groups and abilities throughout the state.


Ages 4-6 play Aussie Tball– Perfect entry level program for young players. Generally games are organised within a club, limited travel and plenty of fun.

Ages 7-8 play Tball – Played with 9 players per side and the beginning of inter club competition. Players will be able to pick up all the skills and enjoy how inclusive the sport is.

Ages 9-10 play Machine Pitch OR Coach Pitch Baseball – Playing baseball where player no longer hits the ball off of a Tee. The ball is this age group is pitched by machine OR coach (speed is relative to age group).

Ages 10- 45 + play Baseball – Players from the age of 10 can begin playing in baseball competitions where the ball is being pitched by a player. Players can continue to play with Junior clubs until the age of 16 and continue on to participate in Senior and Adult leagues

Aussie T-Ball

Beginning level of baseball where you hit the ball off a Tee while having FUN

Australian Little League

Next level of baseball where you start to experience live pitching from coaches and players

Baseball NSW

Second highest level of baseball where players learn to develop their skills in the game

Australian Baseball League

Highest level of baseball where you get a chance to play professionally and an opportunity to make it to the MLB


Aussie T-Ball is nationally recognised by Baseball Australia and affiliated State Associations, the Australian Sports Commission and Major League Baseball as baseball’s junior entry point program to introduce children to the game of baseball.


Baseball has been part of Australia’s sporting landscape for a lot longer than most know about.

Baseball was firstly played at around circa 1859 when Americans brought the game to Australia during the gold rush.