Rules how to play

Baseball is a game of bat-and-ball. There are two teams of nine players each who play nine innings. Each team gets the opportunity to bat and field, and the team that scores more number of runs is declared the winner at the end.

How to play baseball?

In a game of baseball, the offensive or batting team tries to score maximum runs, while the defensive or fielding team attempts to hinder the other team from scoring runs. This is done by catching the ball in mid-air, by striking out the batter or by hitting the ball at the destination base before the runner returns to it. If any of these three actions are successful, the batter is declared ‘out’.more

How do you score a run in baseball?

A player scores a run when he advances in an anti-clockwise fashion around the three bases, successfully returning to the home plate. There may be only one runner on any base at any one time.

How many points do you score for a home run?

A single round around the three bases, returning to the original base gives you one (1) run. However, when you hit a home run, you score four (4) points. A home run is when a player hits the ball outside of the boundary with his bat.

When do the teams change their roles?

If a defensive team is successful to accumulate three outs, the teams change positions. The offensive team starts to field, while the defensive team begins to bat. This particular change is referred to as an ‘inning’.

What if the teams tie?

There is no tie in baseball. If both the teams are at the same score at the end of nine innings, the game continues with extra innings, also referred to as overtime. The teams continue to play till a winner is decided and this is how to play baseball.