T Ball is a game which has been introduced for kids between the ages 4 and 8 to develop their skills and fun in the game. This is a team sport based on simplified version of Baseball and Softball.

The major difference between T Ball and normal game of Baseball is that the child has to hit a stationary ball that is not pitched. Hence, it teaches children the skill of hitting the ball, catching, running the bases, catching and throwing.more

How to Play T Ball?

  1. Batting
  • The batter cannot touch the Tee. It is adjusted by the coach according to the height of the player
  • The batter continues to play until a fair ball is hit by the batter
  1. Base Running
  • After all base runners have moved ahead on the bases as far as possible, or after an out, a “time out” is called, and the ball is put on the tee for the next batter.
  • A runner must stay on the base until the ball has been hit by the batter. When the batter hits the ball, and it lands in or is touched by a player on infield or outfield, the runner can run.
  • If a fielder overthrows the ball, a runner is allowed to advance one extra base.
  1. Catching
  • The catcher stands far enough behind home plate so as not to interfere with the batter. The catcher should try to catch the ball after being hit by the batter to turn him down.
  • The batter and all the runners on the base must wear a helmet. There is no pitching, and the ball must be hit off of the batting tee. When a team bats through the batting order once, the inning is over. The defensive players must alternate between the infield and outfield every inning to child’s ability and safety.