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Baseball NSW has various leagues, teams and competitions based on different age groups and abilities throughout the state. From junior T-ball all the way to senior leagues, we can help you find a baseball club that works for your level, within your area.

There are baseball clubs throughout New South Wales that are now recruiting for players across all ages and ability. If you are interested, get in touch today.

If you are looking for a competitive league or are simply wanting to play socially, we can help you find the right club. Contact us today and start playing baseball!

Which League?


Ages 4–6 play Aussie T-ball

Perfect entry level program for young players.
Generally games are organised within a club, limited travel and plenty of fun.

Ages 7–8 play T-ball

The beginning of inter-club competition. Players will be able to pick up all the skills and enjoy how inclusive the sport is.

Ages 9–10 play Machine Pitch OR Coach Pitch Baseball

Playing baseball where player no longer hits the ball off of a Tee.
The ball is this age group is pitched by machine OR coach (speed is relative to age group).

Ages 11–12 play Baseball

Entry Level representation with the potential to represent in the Little League World Series.

Ages 13–18 play Baseball

Junior Level Baseball with Inter Association competitions with regional, state and international representation.

Ages 18+ play Baseball

Senior Level Baseball ranging from competition level to Social Master League.

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