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Do you have a passion for baseball? Have you always idolised players of the baseball NSW? If you nodded a yes to these questions, you have just arrived at the right place. We are leaders for baseball coaching in Australia and give your passion the support it needs to boost your talent to the next level.

We fulfil your dreams to play baseball by giving you the right guidance, the right training and technique to hone your skills at the game. Not just that, we give you a fun workout session that is not like burning calories at the gym with routine exercises.

How do we make baseball coaching fun?

While learning the fundamentals of the game is important, it is also vital to enjoying it. This is not a theoretical or curriculum course that you just HAVE to do. It is a sport that you wish to play, and as your coach, we ensure that you stay interested and engaged. Here’s some fun we add to our play ball baseball sessions:

  • Several repetitions for a student: We remember to point out when someone has done really well and inspire others to learn from them. This inculcates peer to peer interactions and motivation.
  • Keep students active: Players do not like standing in queues and waiting for them to play a ball. They start to get agitated. We regularly take feedback and ideas to engage the players in various types of drills, so that no one is wasting their time waiting.
  • New class – new drill: You will definitely lose interest if we do the same thing every day. And so, we have new activities, new drills and new routines planned for different classes, keeping you on your toes.

As a baseball coach, we play an essential part in your lives and understand the responsibility that comes with it. We teach you the rules of baseball and sharpen your skills, enabling you to get selected by the NSW baseball body in the future.