The Australian Baseball League was started in 2010 and is the professional baseball league in Australia. The season runs from November to February and is governed by the Australian Baseball Federation.

The teams under ABL are owned by the league itself, instead of the traditional models of franchises. As a result, players are paid by the league. This ensures that every team is equally paid and there is no discrepancy when it comes to financial success.



The American Gold Miners introduced baseball to Australia in the 1850s. The first competitive game of baseball with all the rules was played by Surry Baseball Club members and NSW Cricket Association members.

The league was introduced in 1989 for the first time. It started with eight teams from Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Within a few years, two more teams from Canberra and Newcastle were added. This changed the structure of the league with the number of teams competing in one particular season ranging from six to nine.

For the first ten seasons up till 1999, only four teams were able to participate. This is because of financial constraints and the lack of suitable venues for the home team. The league was further sold to Dave Nilsson – a player of the Australian Major League Baseball and Milwaukee Brewers.


The league is responsible for paying all the players and therefore, a pay scale has been set. There are a number of tiers in which different players are distinguished by their experience levels. All players under a specific tier receive the same pay.

List of Champions

Season Champions
2010-2011 Perth Heat
2011-2012 Perth Heat
2012-2013 Canberra Cavalry
2013-2014 Perth Heat
2014-2015 Perth Heat
2015-2016 Brisbane Bandits
2016-2017 Brisbane Bandits

As of 2017, Brisbane Bandits are the champions. The 2017-2018 leagues are yet to be played.